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Keyter Rech Investor Solutions (KRIS), based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was established in 2004 to provide independent investor relations and strategic communication services to listed companies.


KRIS has earned a solid reputation in the market for our professional and tactical approach to investor relations and strategic communications, helping to meaningfully connect South African listed companies to their shareholders and other stakeholders. Our network of analysts, fund managers and institutional investors is considered an asset, as we can tap into this network to better understand the market’s needs.

The founding members of our team have over 40 years of combined experience in investor relations and corporate finance. As such they have deep expertise in investor relations, corporate governance and JSE compliance issues, and can offer insight into what information shareholders and potential investors want from listed companies, and how best to communicate it.

This ability to provide strategic and pro-active advice to clients extends to investor relations trends, perception polls, financial presentations, and other content aimed at the investor market, including Integrated Reports.

Our investor relations expertise, combined with our knowledge of strategic communications, means that KRIS is also well placed to advise C-Suite Executives when it comes to leadership transitions, corporate transactions and other business-critical situations and announcements including Environmental, Social & Governance and Annual General Meeting positioning.

We pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we have with clients and believe that our services are tailor-made to each individual client’s needs.


Our services cover all facets of investor relations and financial communication and include

  • Strategic investor relations
  • Results roadshows
  • Market perception polls
  • Integrated Reports
  • Site visits
  • Media relations
  • Website reviews and content development
  • Share data compilation and analysis
  • Shareholder analysis
  • Strategic communications
  • Listings and de-listings


Marlize Keyter

completed her BCom (Accounting) and Honours degrees at UJ (previously RAU).

Vanessa Rech

holds an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Natal.


We have more than 40 years’ combined experience in investor relations.
We help define a proactive approach to investor relations and offer strategic input into your investor relations function.
We have specific investor relations products and training programmes to support our clients.
We have access to an extensive network of analysts, fund managers and institutional investors.
Our team is dedicated and has wide-ranging experience in investor relations and strategic communications.
We hold and maintain longstanding, solid relationships with our clients.
We are dedicated and passionate about what we do.
We apply meticulous attention to detail.
We offer a competitive pricing structure.


Physical Address

The Workspace
Unit 1
299 Pendoring Avenue

Vanessa Rech

083 307 5600

Marlize Keyter

083 701 2021